Terms and Conditions

1. The order of VR theater promotional packages can be made exclusively on the teatruVR.ro platform by filling in the form on the show page.
2. Your consent to the processing of personal data is required. Without this agreement the completed form loses its validity.
3. Payment for ordered packages is made exclusively by cash on delivery.
4. When confirming the payment, you will receive an invitation to access the entire show, ie the series that includes all the related episodes, on the email address provided in the form.
5. For any problems with access to the show, please see the tutorials page.
6. For any problem with the VR glasses you receive in the promotional package, use the information on the contact page.
7. TeatruVR does not assume responsibility for the glasses that were received in the promotional package ordered from teatruVR.ro
8. TeatruVR does not assume responsibility for the impossibility of watching the shows for reasons not related to the platform
TeatruVR.ro such as poor internet connection, Google servers crash, etc.
9. Packages ordered, received and paid cannot be returned.
10. Invitations received by e-mail for viewing are not limited in time.