Privacy Policy

INFORMATION ARTICLE AND CONSENT ON THE PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA processes personal data about you (“Personal Data”) in order to fulfill legitimate operations and purposes related mainly to the development of marketing and advertising activities specific to the conduct of our business.

Personal Data will be collected and processed only to the extent permitted by Law no. 677/2001, on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.

The data to be collected directly from you refers to: name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address. The information will be collected by automatic means, in compliance with all security and protection restrictions imposed by law.

The information will be used for the general purpose of carrying out the marketing operations of the platform, and, in particular, for the purpose of carrying out the online sale-purchase operations of the tickets related to the various events or of the promotional packages offered by

Personal Data will be controlled by authorized users, identified by their unique username. The company’s contractual partners will also have access to this information in order to achieve the purposes set out above. If our company, or part of it, is sold, merged or otherwise transferred to another entity, they will have access, under the conditions mentioned above, to Personal Data. We may also, in certain circumstances, need to disclose your data to certain legal and regulatory authorities (including tax authorities), to accountants, auditors, lawyers or other such external advisors of the company, or to third parties. which provide products and services to the company (IT system providers, financial organizations, etc.). We will be able to disclose these data whenever the law requires it, or in the situation where this approach is necessary to allow us to exercise the rights provided by law, to take legal action against any illegal activity.

Our company will be able to collect and store this information in any form. These will be stored for the entire period of the company’s activity. We have implemented certain security measures to ensure the confidentiality of the information in our database, in accordance with the minimum security standards required by law.

In accordance with Law 677/2001, you can exercise any of the following rights:

• The right to access your Personal Data

• The right to request the proper rectification, deletion or blocking of your Personal Data

• The right not to be subject to automatic individual decisions (automatic decisions based on the processing of data by automatic means, in order to evaluate certain personal aspects)

• The right to sue you in connection with any violation of your rights regarding the processing of Personal Data.

The rights referred to in the paragraphs above may be exercised by means of a written request addressed to our company.

By accepting this consent form you confirm that you have been informed about the Personal Data about you, which is to be stored, processed and used, and that you agree that this Personal Data will be processed and used in the limits thus specified, during the course of the company’s activity.


I accept this form to indicate that:

• Am citit și am înteles în totalitate cele de mai sus și consimt la prelucrarea și utilizarea Datelor mele cu Caracter Personal, în conformitate cu cele indicate în prezentul articol.