Director: Diana Mititelu
Launch Date: February 28th 2021
Duration: 1h 21m

“Games in the Backyard” by Edna Mazya (1993) not only remakes the process of an extremely violent event in some teenagers’ life, but it analyses the psychological mechanisms which led to it. It is a show about cruelty, an Xray of the adolescent psyche, a story about four boys and a girl who live their last day of freedom, of childhood, of being innocent. One last day without consequences.

Directed by Diana Mititelu, “Games in the Backyard” is the second theatre play which has been entirely adapted in VR360, an immersive technology which teleports you directly to the center of the story, in the center of action.


Episode 1: Dvori Mahnes

We meet Dvori, the boys from the backyard, the prosecutor and the defence. Things are happening all around you so we ecourage you to look everywhere. Using a rotating chair is ideal.

Episode 2: She Asked for It

How serious are the accusations? What really happened in the backyard? Were there just innocent games or have these teasings led to something more serious? Remorse can be read on the faces of the boys that have surrounded you. Rotate and look them in their eyes!

Epsiode 3: Why Didn’t You Scream?

We find out more details regarding Dvori’s life, as well as the boys’. Should you look down you may have a nice surprise and maybe have a better understanding of the perspective you are in.

Episode 4: Blind Man’s Buff

Many games are played in the backyard. While playing, people tend to let their guard down and say intimate things they would otherwise keep locked in a forgotten place in their minds. The teenagers transcend various moods, they swiftly switch from joy to extasy, from fear to tears. But where do all these lead towards?

Episode 5: Not Guilty – Due to Insufficient Evidence

We understand everything that happened in the backyard and the sentence. Has the judge reached the correct verdict? What would you have done in his place? This is too difficult. No room for applause. One minute of silence is enough.

How can I view the show?

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